Thursday, 2 August 2012

Where to start....

Well, my life has changed rather drastically since my last post, but I'm not ready to share what happened here I think, suffice to say that I am back to being a single mum with my 2 gorgeous little people.

On a positive note I've been doing  a lot more crafting lately, and the Cs and I have just got back from the amazing Natural Mamas Big Camp.  I have a lot of WIPs on the go at the moment, my sister's birthday present (age of brass and steam in a Katya sock weight yarn. I'm on repeat number 5 of the pattern, and fairly certain I won't be doing that again!)

My first Age of Brass and Steam, in gorgeous Nimu silk, in the Eton Mess colourway

Finished cushions
My new craft area....
Current Age of Brass and steam, nearly finished....far deeper blue, the camera has washed the colour out

AND my latest crochet project, more Nimu, a very simple ripple scarf for me, again colour are much better in real life


Sunday, 8 April 2012

Oh Dear

It has been an a long time hasn't it?
Life has been very interesting and busy for the past few months.  I've been doing a lot of crafting, especially for Christmas, and well into the new year, particularly crochet.  

This cushion was my Mums Christmas present
And this was my sisters scarf

And this was for my sisters partner

I'm working on a spring craft fairy at the moment, so can't post pics of that, but also working on a Hitchhiker Scarf in gorgeous Nimu yarn.
Back soon with some WIP pictures....